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Affordable SMTP relay Services

The ideal solution to start sending emails with complete control and confidence.

Simple and scalable. Get the service you need

Exceptional Inboxing Rates

IPs rotation feature

Small, medium, and large sender

Clean and fresh IPs

support DKIM, SPF, DMARC

30 Days money back

SMTP Packages

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Per month

  • 100.000 Emails
  • Exceptional Inboxing Rates
  • Track Open Rates



Per month

  • 500.000 Emails
  • Exceptional Inboxing Rates
  • Track Open Rates



Per month

  • 1.000.000 Emails
  • Exceptional Inboxing Rates
  • Track Open Rates

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Terms to Understand

Please review the following terms. These can be especially helpful if you are new to working with SMTP


Standing for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is the method by which email is sent and received online.


Stands for Sending Policy Framework. This simple DNS record identifies which IP addresses are able to send emails from your domain. In use, this improves your reputation and ensures that emails from your domain come from a specific IP address.


This refers to how well your emails are delivered to subscribers. In most cases, less than 100% of your emails will actually reach your subscribers. The goal is to keep your deliverability as close to 100% as possible. This is determined primarily by your Reputation, which is impacted by a variety of factors.

Domain Reputation:

When sending an email, one of the factors that affect your deliverability is the domain reputation. This refers specifically to how your domain is viewed by email servers. For instance, if you have spam reports that have come from your domain in the past, it can greatly damage the reputation.


Stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail. A DKIM record ensures the emails you send arrive as you sent them. Said differently, with a DKIM signature in place, it ensures the emails your subscriber receives are identical to what you send. This has a positive impact on your reputation.

Spam Report:

This refers specifically to when someone receives your email and reports it as spam. This acts as a negative factor on your deliverability and your SMTP reputation.

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